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Thespian Festival
Choose a minimum of two events to prepare for the trip.  It will be the last weekend in February.  We will spend two nights.  It is set to be in Huntsville. 

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Spring Production:
Much Ado About Nothing

Dramatized by Trish Black Melehan
8 m, 5 w, 9 flexible, extras
This adaptation, appropriate for middle school and high school students alike, contains much of Shakespeare's original poetry and language but with an additional female role, that of Nerissa, a gentlewoman of the court. The play, a satiric comedy about "romantic" love, features two contrasting couples. There is Benedick, a cad, who has sworn to forever remain a bachelor. But as it turns out, he meets his match when he encounters Beatrice, a strong, intelligent, witty woman. Beatrice doesn't need a man, and she doesn't want one either. Then there is Claudio, the sappy, headstrong lover who is convinced his true love, Hero, is the purest of earthly angels. Hero is quite satisfied to have found her match; however, her trusting and na´ve nature makes her vulnerable to catastrophe. It's a timeless battle of the sexes. Performance time about 75 minutes.