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Welcome to my class site.  On here you will find a multitude of information that will help you in class this year.  If you are absent, you can get assignments and handouts here.  You can check for deadlines and upcoming assignments.  You can get notes and outlines here.  You can even email me with questions or comments (no viruses please!).  This site will also be updated as often as I can get to it with links and resources to help you this year.  Look around.  Whether you are a parent or a student, there is something here for you.

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Seniors... Have you thought about a Senior trip for Spring Break or Senior Week?  If you talk to me early enough, I can book a condo for you in Destin for much cheaper than most.  We have a vacation plan and can transfer weeks to anyone.  If you think you might be interested in having your group go to Destin, see me A.S.A.P.  We have to call for reservations at least 60 days in advance to get the nicest places.  Check out the travel club website to view some resorts.

Location Information:
Classroom # V-3 ("Lower 40")
Pinson Valley High School
6895 Hwy 75 North
Pinson, AL  35126
(205) 379-5100 phone
(205) 379-5145 fax


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